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owners of nile cafe Ehab Hassam

Owners Ehab  Hassan and His Wife Sahar

From Our Family to Yours We Warmly Welcome You to Our Restaurant

We opened Nile Cafe in October 2016 with one mission in mind: To Share the Rich Culinary Traditions of Egypt with the community.  All of our delicious food is made from scratch in our kitchen from FRESH ingredients of the highest quality.  We make the stuffed grape leaves by hand. We soak and prepare the chickpeas for hummus - never canned.  We want YOU to taste the FRESH Authentic Tastes of our Native Home and discover a Healthy and Nutritious Way of eating.  We encourage you to explore our dishes. If you have questions about any dish feel free to ask and we'll gladly describe the food.  We are also happy to offer many vegetarian and vegan options for your enjoyment. 

The Story Behind Egyptian Food

The main difference between Egyptian food and other foods from the Mediterranean are the combination of spices that  we use.  Egyptian food includes a lot of legumes, vegetables, and fruit from the rich Nile Valley. Egypt was a trading center for thousands of years, bringing in a variety of spices from distant lands. Those spices were incorporated into Egyptian food resulting in a rich culinary tradition that is unique to Egypt. 

You may see some dishes you are not familiar with on our menu - but trust us they are all delicious.  From Kushari to Moussaka there is a lot to explore on our menu.  We have the traditional Mediterranean staples like stuffed grape leaves, falafel, gyros, etc but our unique Egyptian preparation methods can offer a surprising twist on your favorites. 

egyptian stuffed grape leaves

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